Our Services


Healthy Hive organizational and community development consulting provides the following range of services: 

  • training and coaching (one to one)
  • facilitation and mediation of groups
  • innovative program research, design and management

These services are distinct and can be purchased separately, additionally as they are also inter-related and complimentary or reinforcing they can be purchased and utilized together in a wholisitic approach for even greater impact. 

The benefits of these services include:

  • increased performance and productivity  
  • increased cooperation and group cohesion
  • improved motivation and morale

The training courses and one to one coaching are related to the following topic areas: 

  • initiating and managing collaboration and partnerships (cross-sector, discipline)
  • employee engagement
  • community engagement and consultation
  • arts-based social (community) development
  • conflict resolution, mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and restorative justice
  • intercultural communication and managing diversity
  • respectful workplace
  • human rights, equity and access
  • effective leadership and developing teams
  • managing change
  • wellness and stress management  

The innovative program research, development and management are programs over a longer term and are have goals and outcomes related to:  

  • social and community development
  • capacity building through long term training and education (over months or years)
  • arts-based social (community) development
  • increasing access and equity and bridging gaps